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Dakar Classic

The year 2021 marks a major turning point in the history of the Dakar : the arrival of the Classic category.

It is the very essence of this mythical race that resurfaces:  only vehicles that have marked the history of Paris-Dakar in Africa , before 1999, are authorized to participate.

In race conditions of regularity (and not speed) on a course parallel to the rally, 150 renowned drivers give the deception in a thrilling race specially designed for them. In the evening, they meet in the huge bivouac shared by professionals and amateurs in an atmosphere that only top-level motorsport can convey.


Our turnkey offer

The Dakar is not an easy task: physical fatigue, mechanical problems or navigation errors can be the cause of an event that is excessively difficult or even impossible to complete.

Our "turnkey" product is intended to be radically different from what exists in rally-raids: transparency, advice, high-end support are the values that define the concept. 

The objective of the Saharan Company can be summed up in these words:supporting our clients to achieve their dreams aventure, protecting them from most of the problems thanks to vehicles that are as robust as they are comfortable. So, when you reach the end of your Dakar, your memories will be those of the fabulous landscapes crossed and the memorable moments of racing in the desert.  


And for that, what could be better than for you to benefit from our Dakar experience and our fleet of Toyota HZJ 78s? DKR ? Here are some of the major elements of our “turnkey” experience. 


Rental of a Toyota HZJ 78 Dakar Classic 


You benefit from a Toyota HZJ 78 totally prepared for the Dakar Classic and equipped with the best existing navigation equipment as well as a complete mechanical board set. The ideal tool to finish the Classic serenely. You don't worry about the compliance of the vehicle with the standards of the organization, we take care of it for you! All you have to do is choose your livery from the many available ones imagined by top designer Adrien Paviot. 

Capture d’écran 2022-06-16 à 18.59.18.png

Commitment to the Dakar Classic for the crew and logistics 


Registration for Dakar 2024 and administrative procedures. Are included: fuel costs, catering for the duration of the event, return transport of vehicles from Europe to Saudi Arabia, repatriation insurance...

Preparation tips for the Dakar: the adventure of a lifetime is being prepared and it should be approached with serenity. Set up a budget, find partners, create a story around your adventure, communicate effectively. We will give each other our advice and share all our experience with our customers who will be surprised to see that it is easier than they think.

Organization of hotel logistics before and after the race: reservation in hotels of the maximum standard available in the city of departure and the city of arrival. Example 2022: Hilton Jeddah & Hilton Riyadh.

Subscription to the official Dakar photo pack for each crew with the creation of several personalized books for them at the end of the race/ Optional: photographer assigned to the team, at the bivouac but also during the race.

map dk24.jpeg

Assistance before and during the race


Mechanical assistance from arrival at the bivouac until departure the next morning by our teamsand Renault Kerax Compagnie Saharienne trucks.

Supply and pre-installation of sleeping equipmentduring the Dakar and cold and hot drinks, WiFi... every night/ Optional: private motorhome or shared with another crew; private medical staff for the team (osteopath, physiotherapist, masseur...)

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